Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spotfix 4 - Before & After ( Spot Quiz 4)

Location - The Bangalore Club Wall, Residency Road

The stench used to carry a distance of at least 100 feet, making this stretch unwalkable. Most people cross to the other side, where there is NO footpath, right in the face of fast-moving traffic. This was a Pedestrian Safety Issue as much as it was a Public Hygiene and Health issue.

It not only looks pretty, it smells pretty nice too. Go there and take a sniff sometime. It's probably at a Stink Rating of 1.0 (or Fragrance rating of 9.0). People now stand around there and make phone calls, chat etc. Kudos to Bangalore Club management for being part of this Fix! The Fix has had a major impact for those who walk in this very busy area of Bangalore

To their full credit, the Bangalore Club management has taken this very seriously- after all it is a matter of reputation and responsible citizen behavior - and have taken full ownership of the project. We hope this will inspire other institutions/companies with large wall frontages to take on the responsibility of maintaining their frontage. ~ TUI

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spotfix 3 - Before & After ( Spot Quiz 3 )

Location -  The walk to Garuda Mall from Brigade Road...

This has been the daily situation for years. The stench and garbage has always forced pedestrians to walk on the crowded Brigade Road.
Several people have tried in the past to fix this. The 'Toilet Rs 500 Fine' was one such desperate attempt by the mechanic who works on the other side of the wall
Now, after the TUI Spotfix!

The Spot doesn't smell anymore as urination and dumping has completely stopped. It actually looks quite pretty, say the hawkers who operate there everyday.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Spotfix 2 - Before & After ( Spot Quiz 2 )

Location - The corner of Rest House Crescent and Church Street

This is  right opposite the offices of Wipro, Times of India, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and GK Vale. And the view from the window at Kaati Zone.

This photo could have been taken any day - this dump was always there, as long as anyone can remember. Hundreds of employees of Wipro and Times of India have been walking by this everyday, on their way to work
It's been looking like this  after the TUI Spotfix.

After the TUI Spotfix, surviving with no supervision since Aug 2010! There is Hope!

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