TUI - Tere Bin

TereBins - The TUI installed dustbins are functioning very well in all of central Bangalore District and are being added regularly in other places.

These dustbins are available to be adopted by the public.

TUI provides - A TereBin 'service' - which involves identifying ideal locations, installing the bins, setting up a daily clearing system and integrating with the local garbage clearance system, and daily supervision.

To adopt a Terebin write to TUI at It costs Rs 2,000 to adopt a bin (incl 1 yr maintenance) at a location of your choice.

According to TUI ,  TereBins become viable only if 30 tereBins are within walking distance of each other.  The ideal locations are busy commercial/residential/main roads (with shops/eateries/tea shops).
 ~ TUI

Links below show Terebins in Action on the streets of Banglaore

The First TereBins

TereBins on Church Street

TereBins on Brigade Road

TereBins on MG Road

Some questions on Terebin answered by TUI on Facebook

Q: Why are tereBins so small in size?
A: If the bins were any larger, dogs would get in, and they would take up precious footpath space. Also, people would start dumping large bags - these are meant only for paper cups, banana skins, cigarette packets and similar 'small litter'. It ALL adds up. Just peep into any tereBin and see how much small litter it collects everyday - it is mind-boggling. ~ TUI

Q:How do TereBins integrate with BBMP Garbage collection?
A: Terebin is very much part of the city's system. It is simply an additional system that feeds into the city's system. There has been HUGE support from BBMP - after all, every chai cup that enters a tereBin would otherwise have landed on the street and increased BBMP's work. Today, because of the tereBins in city centre, several 100kgs of garbage are directly transferred to the BBMP system EVERYDAY (by our paid professional cleaning staff) rather than having to be swept off the streets. All our solutions work because we invest a lot of time in ensuring that we HELP the existing system and don't step on anyone's toes. ~ TUI

Q: What is the weight of a tereBin?
A: Between 20-25 kgs. It's heavy - that's what gives it stability and is a deterrent to theft. ~ TUI

Q: TereBins look so good, don't they get stolen?
A: Not a single tereBin has been stolen in the past 4 months. And if they are stolen or get damaged, we commit to the adopters that we will replace them immediately.
 When you adopt a tereBin, you adopt a space in Bangalore - and the tereBin helps keep it clean. ~ TUI

Q:  Terebins idea is awesome, How do you manage to do this?
A: It's like this. We have this stupid belief that if you offer a cleverly designed bin at the right place and at the right time, the Ugly Indian will use it. There is hope, after all :) ~ TUI

Do YOU want tereBins in YOUR locality (in Bangalore)?
Tell TUI by mailing them at

Click here to see more pictures of Terebins and other work of TUI as shared on Facebook