Wednesday, December 7, 2011

TUI's Inspiration ( One of Many)

TUI say that they were deeply inspired by how SR Rao cleaned up Surat in a matter of months.

His story is beautifully described in the book
'Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen' by Porus Munshi - How 11 Indians Pulled off the Impossible
Each of the stories is inpirational - but none as much as the Surat transformation (from the plague city to the country's second cleanest - in 18 months). It's a bit of a shame that story hasn't got more media attention and publicity. " - TUI

Listen to what breakthrough innovation expert, Porus Munshi, has to say about The Ugly Indian (an excerpt from the audio CD accompanying the book - "How 11 Indians Pulled off the Impossible")

"Porus says that there is no better reward for an author than when his book inspires something that makes a difference - and so he has chosen to devote a large part of the CD to TUI. He has visited Church Street several times through the transformation and has literally observed the change stage by stage." - TUI

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