Monday, December 12, 2011

I Can SpotFix! - @Koramangala by Temple Cross Residents

A few residents of Koramangala 3rd Block decided to do their own Spotfix.
They asked for (and received) 30 tereBins from TUI, and then went about fixing the street in front of their homes to offer a suitable reception to the tereBins!!

TUI says this is their best birthday gift to date!

30 tereBins were whisked into Koramangala by residents concerned about the litter on the streets of 3rd Block. They are all installed and working away 24x7.

"To all those who have written in asking "What can I do on my street?" - well, THIS is what you can do! Just do it. Get a few brooms, some cans of paint and a 3-4 committed people, and the rest will follow. Don't waste time in meetings or forming groups. Just go to the hardware shop, buy the stuff and get down to it. Looking forward to more such examples of actual work done - send us pictures or videos and we will showcase it here and on Facebook." - TUI

Click here to know how you can adopt a TereBin!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

TUI in News-Tweet by Anand Mahindra

"Thanks for the sentiment, Mr Mahindra. However, TUI is about empowering the faceless anonymous citizen. Any awards or recognition would cripple the initiative. TUI's strength lies in its anonymity. It is an amazing high to go out and fix your own street with your own hands - the result is the reward. " ~ TUI

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

TUI's Inspiration ( One of Many)

TUI say that they were deeply inspired by how SR Rao cleaned up Surat in a matter of months.

His story is beautifully described in the book
'Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen' by Porus Munshi - How 11 Indians Pulled off the Impossible
Each of the stories is inpirational - but none as much as the Surat transformation (from the plague city to the country's second cleanest - in 18 months). It's a bit of a shame that story hasn't got more media attention and publicity. " - TUI

Listen to what breakthrough innovation expert, Porus Munshi, has to say about The Ugly Indian (an excerpt from the audio CD accompanying the book - "How 11 Indians Pulled off the Impossible")

"Porus says that there is no better reward for an author than when his book inspires something that makes a difference - and so he has chosen to devote a large part of the CD to TUI. He has visited Church Street several times through the transformation and has literally observed the change stage by stage." - TUI

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TUI Spotfix - Agony @ Oracle

Location - Near Oracle, in Tavarekere Road

Here's why the cows (& donkeys & dogs) come to Oracle:)
Click here to see more photos of the AGONY near ORACLE and the Preparation Work Done by TUI!

Here is the video of the DUMP in Graphic Detail!

15 Ugly Indians from all over Bangalore spent 3hrs on a Saturday morning to fix this place! Check the video below.

"Most of those who dumped here everyday have stopped - as we met with all of them and they saw us doing the work. TUI has met several cow-owners here. The cows are fed at home and sent out 'for exercise' and also because there is simply no place to keep them 'at home' (which is a narrow street in a congested area of SG Palya). They do NOT survive on the garbage - these are just extras for them. The cows have SEVERAL options in this part of Bangalore- the Dump opp Oracle was just a little snack they enjoyed everyday. Most cows walk several kilomteres everyday doing urban grazing - if TUI fixes one spot, there are several others within walking distance. People also feed the cows leftover food, and most fruit stall owners keep the banana peels for the cows. The cows are smart - the food will reach them somehow. And fyi, there are 6 large dumps on the cows' daily route, and this is the 7th and, for the present, the cows will not overeat."
~ TUI on FB

Photo taken on Friday, Dec 2 2011 at 8am.

Garbage does not come here anymore. It is no longer a pickup point for the BBMP lorry.

 In BBMP lingo, this 'point' has been 'cancelled', and they are happy about it ~ TUI
 Click here for more pictures of Bovine Agony @ Oracle

The Agony At Oracle is finally over! Check the final part of this fix!

The choice of plant was determined by its cow-proof-ness. This is duranta, a common hedge plant - very cheap (Rs 4/sapling) and durable and not eaten by cows. The garden is still there 2 days after planting and after several cow visits. Rats, of course, are the biggest enemy - and without upsetting rat-lovers on this group - we can say that this is one animal that is extremely hard to outwit without using brutal methods (like broken glass and poison). ~ TUI

A press photographer from Udayavani - Kannada newspaper  seems to have sneaked up on some UIs fixing an Ugly Wall on Taverekere Road!

Now, on the opposite side. What's wrong with this picture?
Modern building, wonderful landscaping - but do you find anything wrong or ugly here?

 Check out the video to see what TUI did to this spot!

"There is a Cobbler obstructing the footpath walk,  these are some of the ground realities that armchair theorists never fully appreciate. On the Indian street, one has to 'go with the flow' and carry everyone along. The solutions will never be 100% perfect, and sometimes it is better if they are not, as that may be unsustainable." ~ TUI on FB