Monday, October 10, 2011

TUI Spotfix - Despair in Defence Colony

Location - Defence Colony, Indiranagar

Rahul Dravid once played cricket in this very play ground.
TUI says this is one of the most challenging spotfixes they have done, a very complex and tough one, please take a few minutes to watch this 7 part series.

Part 1 in the series

"These are not easy problems to solve. They are in the public space where the 'public' has no formal authority to act. Planning, preparation and trust building with those who could oppose you - is essential." - TUI

Watch part 2 to part 6 on youtube - Despair in Defence Colony

After 15 days of is part 7 in the series

"The Ugly Indian does not talk to the media - so we appreciate articles like these that are based on actual field research and being on the ground during a spotfix." - TUI

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