Monday, December 12, 2011

I Can SpotFix! - @Koramangala by Temple Cross Residents

A few residents of Koramangala 3rd Block decided to do their own Spotfix.
They asked for (and received) 30 tereBins from TUI, and then went about fixing the street in front of their homes to offer a suitable reception to the tereBins!!

TUI says this is their best birthday gift to date!

30 tereBins were whisked into Koramangala by residents concerned about the litter on the streets of 3rd Block. They are all installed and working away 24x7.

"To all those who have written in asking "What can I do on my street?" - well, THIS is what you can do! Just do it. Get a few brooms, some cans of paint and a 3-4 committed people, and the rest will follow. Don't waste time in meetings or forming groups. Just go to the hardware shop, buy the stuff and get down to it. Looking forward to more such examples of actual work done - send us pictures or videos and we will showcase it here and on Facebook." - TUI

Click here to know how you can adopt a TereBin!

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