Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spotfix 5 - Before and After (Spot Quiz 5)

Location - The Rear wall of Deccan Herald on Church St.

The paanwala has been here for 27 years. he provides the stuff for the paan spitter, who then takes a leak round the corner near the Electricity box which says "Danger High Voltage". The paanwala cannot recall a day when this wall was clean.

The fresh paan stains (and some old ones several years old) attract other forms of defacement. The sign scrawled in red says "INDIA RECOGNISE TAMIL EELAM - AN HINDU COUNTRY". It is a dated political message and has been on this wall for years...
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People don't feel the need to walk on the road with their noses covered. In fact, the pedestrian traffic on this footpath has increased dramatically. The salesman from the icecream parlour opposite (Kiwikiss) stands here and promotes his business.

And when it becomes fit enough to become a Food street, the transformation is complete.

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