Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TUI Spot Fix - Rescuing a Telecom Pillar

Location - Central Bangalore District

To remove posters, first soak the surface in water (use a brush, sponge or a wet cloth).
Let the water soak for about 5 mins. This makes it easier to peel off/brush off the posters.
Buy a putty blade from any hardware store (costs Rs 5). It is the most effective weapon against posters.
And start scraping. It is a laborious job and does damage to the paint surface. The stronger the adhesive used, the longer it takes.

The putty blade helps in removing dried paan stains too

Go to any paint shop, and buy 1 litre of "Smoke Grey" or "Nickel Grey" oil paint. Mix with thinner, and start painting.

We use Asian Paints - it costs about Rs 150 for 1 litre - and that is sufficient for 1 pillar of this size. Thinner costs about Rs 40 and a decent brush about Rs 100.

 the basic cost of materials to transform a pillar of this size is under Rs 300. Sweat and fire-in-belly comes free, of course. And the brush can be reused (if washed and stored properly).
The impact of a fresh coat of paint is quite dramatic.

Simple removing posters will not do. It is not enough of a deterrent for the poster-putter.
The surface needs to look like new, like someone cares about it.


Click here to see in Pictures TUI Spotfixing a Telecom pillar

Here are a few  more pictures of TUI rescuing Telecom Pillars. 
SpotFixing a few BESCOM boxes 

Spotfixing area around BESCOM box

Spotfixing BESCOM box by KC Das Employees

TUI currently has rescued and continues to maintain 30 BESCOM boxes in and around Church St.It takes Rs 300 and 2 hours to fix a Telecom Pillar, Will you try this in your area?

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