Thursday, April 7, 2011

TUI spots - A Non-Ugly Railway Platform!

Location - Bangalore Railway Station

Click here to see more pictures of the Railway platform in Bangalore

This is Platform 1 of Bangalore City Railway Station and well maintained. These photos were taken by TUI on a regular evening before boarding a train.

"It proves that it IS possible to have a clean public space in India, and that should give us hope.
To paraphrase Gandhiji, we need to first see the change we want to be.
Once we believe it is possible and know what it takes to keep a station platform clean, the model can be scaled.. Cynicism starts when you don't believe change is possible (what is the point etc). But when you see that other Ugly Indians have changed, you see the point in changing your behaviour to be like them." ~ TUI

" You need to SEE the change you want to BE. That is why we do Spotfixes - so people can See and believe, and maybe try to Be. " - The Ugly Indian

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