Friday, April 29, 2011

Spotfix 15 - Installing Tere Bins that work!

Can you Spot the terebin? Can you see how clean the footpath is - hundreds of smokers and gutka-consumers congregate at this spot on Shrungar Complex on Church Street - and you can see how civic-conscious they are if they are given a chance

Acceptance by the sweepers is crucial too.
Yengaiah, the BBMP sweeper, single-handedly sweeps all of MG Road every morning from 7-9am. The sample Tere Bins help him save time and effort, as pedestrians have used the Bin rather than thrown their litter about.Here he sweeps the footpath outside Times of India/Wipro office on MG Road ~ TUI
This photo was taken at 7am - all 3 bins are full (of chaicups, gutka packets and cigarette butts). Note that there are no paan stains at the base of the bin - people spit directly inside. The floor looks a bit messy as this is early morning and the wind has been at work all night. These bins get cleared twice a day! ~ TUI
MG Road, Brigade Road and Church Street, St Marks Rd, Lavelle Rd are covered. Each of these spots has been identified based on current littering behaviour and location of litter-generating shops (food stalls, fast food joints, hawkers, cigarette shops) More Terebins are being added to different locations in Bangalore. ( Note - This is a map from june 2011) ~ TUI
"Looking good 24x7 is a crucial part of the design. A dirty looking dustbin just doesn't work. The tereBin actually enhances the look of the street and contributes to a sense of order simply by its presence - and when a tereBin is placed near a dirty old 'animal-shaped-dustbin', it is always used in preference." - TUI

TereBins at Freedom Park

TereBins at Freedom Park - 2

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