Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TUI on FB - The Dirty Dozen

TUI asked on Facebook if we can list out at least 12 different items of litter that can be found outside any regular chai-shop/cigarette kiosk ?

TUI calles them - The Dirty Dozen!
The 12 standard types of litter generated at a 'basic' chai-shop/cigarette kiosk. And a few more. Just think about how and when they are generated, and whether a single one-size-fits-all dustbin can work well for each. Any one of these litter types that reaches the footpath gives the impression that the footpath is 'dirty'.  ~ TUI

Apart from the Dirty dozen there were a few more listed by FB users and all of them  are listed below.

Generated by Smoker:
1. Cigarette butt (can set things ...
on fire)
2. Cigarette packet
3. Matchbox
4. Match
5. Plastic chai-cup
6. The little chai left over that drips around (attracts flies, makes things wet & sticky)
7. Mint wrapper
8. Gutkha packet
9. Banana skin

Generated by Shopkeeper:
10. Large cigarette carton (that holds 10-20 packets)
11. Used tea leaves (the water leaks out, can cause rusting of metal parts)
12. Plastic/paper packaging of their cups/sugar/consumables

Other common items (using  chai-shop example)
13. Soft Drink cans (brought outside from canteen by smokers)
14. Juice glasses (brought outside from canteen by smokers)
15. Chewing gum (a nightmare to remove)
16. Bus tickets
17. SPIT (makes the cleaning task unhygienic)
These are just the standard predictable items

And which Dustbin do you think can handle them all??  Ofcourse, it is The TereBin provided by TUI!!

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