Sunday, September 4, 2011

TUI Spot fix - TUI drops in to Spotfix a Playground in Koramangala!

Location - A Playground in Koramangala

A typical public park-cum-playground. Overgrown untended garden, dirty benches, grimy wall and fallen branches creating 'unseen spaces' beyond. Why do we allow these public assets to degenarate like this?

After the TUI spotfix, see the change. All 4 benches are visible and clean, the garden is neat and the pathway seems inviting. All 4 benches are being used and there is a sense of order. Also, note that there is no garbage - the tereBin is being used. And there is now an incentive for the street sweeper to clean this place - it seems worth the effort.
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Watch how a group of 50 Ugly Indians clean up this playground in 4hrs on a Saturday Morning!

This wall has been fixed now, what would you do with it next?
Watch Part 2 of this Spotfix

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