Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spotfix 19 - Before and After (Spot Quiz 19) - By Asha & team

Location - Brigade Road

A neglected stretch of road - with expected results. Garbage, debris, urination. The problem is that this is on prime land in the Central Business District (CBD). Why do we tolerate this? It is impossible to walk on this footpath, the stench is unbearable. Pedestrians are forced to walk on the narrow road, where there is heavy traffic.

Ridicule him or pity him?
He is a BMTC bus driver who does the route from Electronic City to city centre. This is the only chance he gets in a 2-hour cycle to relieve himself. And the BMTC or the city does not provide him a decent bathroom.
Over 100 buses stop nearby, and the drivers & conductors have just 5 mins to take a bio-break.
So, should we ridicule him or pity him? Or find a way to provide him dignity with a decent bathroom?

Click here to see more Before Pictures of this Spotfix

Click here to see in Pictures how Asha & team with the help of TUI fixed this spot!

Spotfix on Video - Part 1

Spotfix on Video - Part 2

"People do not pee on walls that look nice and appear to belong to someone. This is ALL about psychology. Physical barriers and signage do not work. If the wall appears neglected, it attracts peeing & garbage. If the wall looks well-painted and there is a sense of order and neatness (and hence lack of privacy), people do not mess it up." - TUI

By cleaning the footpath and painting the wall, the area has attracted regular activity. People walk on the footpath, stand and talk on the phone, come for a smoke - all deterrents to peeing

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