Monday, May 16, 2011

Spotfix 16 - Before & After (Spot Quiz 16) - By Orange Resorts County Employees

Location - Brigade Road, the part that links St Joseph's Commerce College/St Patricks Complex to Sholay Circle.

This Ugly stretch of Brigade Road invites garbage, street-side drunks and all forms of filth. The shops have been shuttered for years, and nobody really cares about this long stretch of prime land
 Each of these shuttered shopfronts was a unique mess. Notice a fallen lamp-post in front of the last two shops to the left

 There is a semblance of order now - it almost looks nice!
Interestingly, those who eat their lunch on these steps (and drink their rum) clean up after they go. Magically, this place has remained relatively clean for the past several months.

How's that? Passersby seem to like it,  no paan stains or muck comes here now.

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