Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TUI Corporate Spotfix! - Saving Bagmane Tech Park!

Location - Bagmane Tech Park

30 employees from Sasken, Bagmane Tech Park volunteered to clean the mess outside this tech park and begin saving Bagmane Lake.

Check out the spotfixing videos

After this Initial clean up by Sasken,  20 employees from Dell, HP, Juniper and TI came together to clean up the area around Bagmane lake!

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And this is the end result!!!

"Mar 30: Bagmane Lake cleaned of all cups by Sasken employees. Several dustbins installed, and clearing system setup.
No enforcement imposed - deliberately.

April 20: Over next 3 weeks (or 15 work days), over 8,000 cups landed here. That works out to about 500 thrown into the lake per day!
Daily sales of chai/coffee cups: 5000 (across 8 shops) - so about 10% of customers threw their cups in the lake. 90% do not.

April 23rd: Just 20 cups were found at 5pm. And promptly cleaned up. So the place looks totally clean on Tuesday morning.

Conclusion: Of 5,000 cups available to throw in the lake on Monday, just 20 got there - down from 500 earlier. About 96% of those who used to throw in the lake seem to have stopped.
Let's see what happens on Tuesday. We suspect the number to be about 20 again. We think that's acceptable...for now.

In ANY group or society, around 5% of the members violate the rules EVEN when fines are enforced. In a self-governing situation, it is normally 10% or more.

TUI is very pleased with the 96% behaviour change. If this sustains at this level for the next 5 days, there is serious cause for satisfaction as a SpotFix well done.

While aiming for 100% conversion is desirable, we don't think it will happen overnight. Let's recognise dramatic change when we see it. "


Some questions answered by TUI on Facebook.

Q: How are the cups disposed off after cleaning?
A: ALL the litter from the 12 shops is collected and kept in an 'unofficiaal dump' in the corner, from where it is picked up by the city authorities (BBMP), and taken to the Landfill sites. All the shopkeepers are technically illegal (as they are across India) so they do not get civic services from the city - however they have found an informal way of getting the garbage collected. We hope to find a way to formalise this. ~ TUI

Q:  Hope the near by company people will respect the work done by Common Citizen. Where is BBMP ?
A: As this entire stretch of shops is 'illegal' they get no formal BBMP support. This is the tragedy of urban India - essential services like street vendors are illegal and hence get no formal civic services support - is fact, this is the crux of the 'garbage problem' in cities like Bangalore. ~ TUI

Q: Please also provide dustbins there it looks like employees of the tech park themselves are dumping plastic cups?
A: Yes, the tech park employees are 100% responsible for this mess. This stretch is used ONLY by employees who work in Bagmane, and come here for tea-and-cigarette breaks. This is why we are calling on them to come out and cleanup. It's a real shame that this is tolerated. While 80% of them are conscious and use the bins provided (yes, there are dozens of bins there now), there are still many who nonchalantly toss their trash into the lake. ~ TUI

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