Thursday, April 26, 2012

TUI Spotfix! - Transforming Defence Colony

Location - Defense Colony

Over 100 Ugly Indians and Defence Colony residents (Decora -Defence Colony Residents Association) came  together to execute dozens of spotfixes (mini and mega) across the length and breadth of Defence Colony.

Spotfixing the wall of Chinmaya Hospital (of CMH Rd fame).

"The guys who did this didn't need to be corporators to do this. Any of us has the power to do this outside our homes - this is a government 'of the people' after all. Each citizen is empowered to clean his own area - it would be better if people started doing that and see the impact!" ~ TUI

Spotfixing a vacant plot, with a boundary wall, used as a garbage dump.
An attempt to make the wall 'looked after'. It has worked. No garbage has come here the past 3 days and all the neighbours are happy with the design. In fact, they were involved in the process of painting the wall. -TUI

Meet Mrs Kapoor, who is 90 years young. She worked for 2 hours on Sunday to fix her street in Defence Colony. What more inspiration do you need to fix your street? -TUI

"One has to start somewhere. The good news is that 3 of the Ugly Spots fixed in Defence Colony last Sunday have remained clean for a week now (most residents had given up on their ever getting fixed) - and those that used to create the mess seem to have changed their daily mess-creating behaviour. TUI believes in gradual incremental changes - silent work has been going on behind-the-scenes the past week and there has been a very high level of support (incl from those who created the mess)!" ~ TUI on FB on 21/4/2012

The Chinmaya Mission Hospital Bus parks here every night - earlier it used to park on the roadside and block an entire lane. Not only has the garbage problem been solved, a parking spot has been created (see entire album for 'Before-After pictures).

"The BBMP has used this point as a temporary dumping point for years - but once they saw the work, the Inspector agreed to change his collection methods. This is the way to deal with the BBMP - do not complain - just go out there and do the work quietly, and they rise to the occasion and reciprocate.
there were several households who dumped here everyday taking advantage of the existing dump. TUI volunteers met each resident and aligned their daily dumping schedule with the door-to-door pick up system (which they were not using). There has been 100% compliance the past 2 days. Sincere work is always recognised by all." ~ TUI on FB

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